Sliding gate not opening or closing completely

Sliding gate not opening or closing completely

If you have an automatic gate operator and a sliding gate that isn’t opening or closing completely, a close inspection of the roller drive chain will often reveal the problem.


When the chain begins to rust it may not fully engage with the gate operator drive sprocket. This can result in the chain jumping teeth on the sprocket. You might have experienced this phenomenon if you ever had a very loose bicycle chain.

The difference here is the gate operator is designed to start and stop based upon the chain staying indexed to the sprocket. If it jumps teeth when either opening or closing, it will close too far hitting the post or it can open so far the gate actually passes through the overhead guide rollers allowing the gate to fall which can be dangerous.

If the chain has failed on your gate operator due to rust please contact an experienced service company to correct the problem.

More about chains:

  1. Never use WD40 on your gate operator chain because it will wash away the lubricant causing premature failure
  2. Most lubricants for garage doors will work just fine.

Liftmaster LA400 inconsistent gate operator problems

Liftmaster LA400 inconsistent gate operator problems


If you have a Liftmaster LA400 dual arm gate operator system and are unable to diagnose a problem using the manual or by calling technical support, be sure to check the wiring in the connection box. These boxes are not water proof so if not protected – during wet conditions the wires may not make satisfactory contact. Incorrect or insufficient wiring contact can produce problems that are not part of the standard troubleshooting process.

Often times we find them buried in the flower beds – full of water!

Remembering those who serve our community!

In light of the recent events in downtown Dallas, I thought you might want to know how you can make a donation to help the Dallas Police officers or their families.  Donations are being accepted by the Assist the Officer Foundation.



1) To donate using a credit card, simply click the button for the Assist the Officer secure page:


2) To make a donation by phone please call (214) 747-6839 .  A Dallas Police Association staff member will assist you with the process and answer any questions you may have about your contribution.

3) Mail your check/money order to the address below:

Assist the Officer
1412 Griffin Street East
Dallas, TX 75215

Thanks for your support!