About Us

Wilder Fence Company is a family business

Established in 1945, we have seen many changes over the years. One of the most significant has been the growth of our service area
and the challenges this presents to servicing our customers.

In 2005 we changed our business model from the traditional showroom and warehouse to more economically service our customer base in the Dallas area.

 The terms used to describe our business model include:
virtual and “just in time”. We carryout our administrative and management process virtually – using the telephone, email and Internet
to facilitate communications with our customers and suppliers.

Our materials and supplies are accessed through a “just in time” model – utilizing the widely dispersed number of wholesale partners warehousing facilities and our own storage locations throughout the metroplex.

Overall – this approach is about greater efficiency which translates to lower cost of operations which allows us to be more cost competitive while
providing faster turn-around. In those cases, requiring approval of materials or samples, we will come to you.