Repair Prices

Our post replacement service call rates:

Service call and Travel charge (within service area)   $145.00

Fence height 6′

Wood fence post remove and replacePost Charge Each
Replacement options:
Round wood post (landscape timber)$70.00$225.00$285.00$355.00$425.00$495.00$565.00$635.00
4" square penetreated pine post$78.00$233.00$301.00$379.00$457.00$535.00$623.00$691.00
2 3/8" .095 wall thickness galvanized steel$85.00$230.00$315.00$400.00$485.00$570.00$655.00$740.00

Fence height 8′

Wood fence post remove and replace Post Charge Each1234567
Replacement options:
4" square penetreated pine post$98.00$243.00$341.00$439.00$537.00$635.00$733.00$831.00
2 3/8" .095 wall thickness galvanized steel$110.00$255.00$365.00$475.00$585.00$695.00$805.00$915.00

All replacement post footings in concrete 24″ depth
* prices are subject to change based on circumstances – please call us to discuss your repairs

Lead time for repairs currently running 2 – 3 weeks